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If you are wanting to compare currency rates or convert currency from pounds to another, then read our guide on Manchester Airport currency exchange. There's even an online currency converter to help you work out your exchange rates when flying from Manchester Airport.

Currency Exchange ...

It's always best to convert your pounds into some local currency before travelling from Manchester Airport, even if it's just enough to see you through until you have settled.

The following guide gives help and advice on the best, and many varied ways, of converting currency from pounds to any other.


Online Currency Converter...

Simply enter the amount you want to exchange in the below boxes and you will find the latest currency exchange rates to help you see how much your money is worth overseas.
Currency Converter
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Changing Your Money...

One of the frequent questions asked by many travellers is whether to change their foreign currency at home or abroad so they can get the best exchange rate.

Well, unless your trip is months away, it doesn't normally make much of a difference as currency exchange rates often change hourly. The best thing to do is go online and search for the best rates over a couple of days and make your decision from there. What you should be looking for, as this has more of an impact on the money it costs you, is how much the currency converter companies will charge to exchange your money.

However, Currency Express over competitive rates all year round - click on the link above.
Changing Money At Home
When still at home you could try exchanging your money at your local bank if they offer good rates and low commission charges. Often, Experts suggest that you should only change enough to cover your immediate travel and transportation costs until you're settled at your destination as sometimes the costs of exchanging your money locally in the UK can be expensive.

Other services you can use at home include online money exchange services which will take American funds and send the converted money to your home.
Changing Money at the Hotel or Airport
All airport hotels and airport exchanges are a convenient way to change your money but be aware of high transaction charges.

Generally experts advise avoiding exchanging your money at a hotel unless you have absolutely no other choice.
Exchanging Money Via Credit Cards
Often credit cards can offer their customers good exchange rates for changing money too so do check to see what their current rates are.

However, do be aware that sometimes it can take a day or two for your exchange to be registered on your card and if the currency rate is falling there's a chance that you will end up with a worse conversion rate a few days later.

Or consider Traveller's Cheques. These are a good way should you worry about losing your currency or having it stolen as they are easily replaceable when overseas. It just means you have to go to the trouble of exchanging each cheque each time you need more money.
Overseas Local Banks
Local banks overseas normally offer good exchange rates and can be very convenient, but bear in mind that one of two things can happen...

If the exchange rate is through 'supply and demand' and you are in a remote Country or area, then you may end up with a price that is close to what is being quoted in the foreign exchange market globally, also known as 'market price'.

Or, secondly, the Country's government sets the currency exchange rate.
Cash Machines / ATMs
You might want to withdraw your money from overseas cash machines / ATMs so you only withdraw the money you need. Again, this can be a cost effective way of withdrawing foreign currency but do look in advance to see what the exchange rates are. Plus this can sometimes be safer than travelling with lots of cash.

However, advise your Bank that this is your intention so they do not suspect identity theft and stop your card because it is being used in various locations overseas.
Use the link below to locate a VISA ATM anywhere in the world:
International VISA ATM Locator - click
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